Why purchase an Ekonk Hill Turkey?

• Our family takes personal pride in each and every turkey we sell. We raise them with TLC from day old babies.

• They are raised on open green pasture with free access to feed and shelter and full access to green grass, sunshine and fresh air.

• Our turkeys are processed humanely right on our farm in a State Inspected facility by the farmers who raised and cared for them, treating them with kindness and respect throughout the process.

Our Turkey Farm

• We raise our turkeys as naturally as possible. This means they are raised with no growth stimulants or hormones (hormones are not used on any poultry). Many commercial farms use low levels of antibiotics in the feed as a growth stimulant. We do not do this! If our turkeys get sick we will give them a temporary dose of antibiotic (usually added to their drinking water) until they get better, just as you do for your family when they get sick. Since they are raised with fresh air and sunshine, they rarely get sick or need any medicine.

• No additives or preservatives are added during processing. Our turkeys come to you exactly as mother nature intended.

• Our motto is "Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm, Where Tasting is Believing!" We stand behind this with our "TLC Guarantee". If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will receive your money back, unconditionally!


We also raise heritage turkeys, chickens, capons, and geese following the same standards applied to our turkeys.

Our family has an old fashioned tradition of enjoying our Thanksgiving table filled with foods that we grew. That tradition has become the theme of our farm, where we can share our tradition offering you the opportunity to celebrate your own locally grow holiday.

We invite you to make an Ekonk Hill Turkey the centerpiece of your locally grown holiday tradition!




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